Event training (for a specific comp)

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Event training (for a specific comp)

Postby Kalle Beck » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:18 pm

This is from an email I got from someone following the templates so I will post the answer here so it helps everyone!

I've got one of your strongman templates, I'm just started it and I have a show coming up in Spokane and I wanted to know when in your programming I fit in my event training? Let me know what you think!


There are Strongman events built into the program but if you are training for a specific contest with specific events you will want to replace the programed events that are a similar category of event with what is actually going to be in your contest.

Example if it says "overhead event" or log press but you have an axle coming up in your contest used the same reps and sets as programed but with an axle.

If there is a yoke walk programmed but you have farmers train farmers instead.

Hope this helps and good luck at your contest!
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