Q&A: How Strong Do You Need To Compete In Lightweight Strongwoman

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Q&A: How Strong Do You Need To Compete In Lightweight Strongwoman

Postby Kalle Beck » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:08 pm

Hi there! I have been doing CF a few years and want to try something new but I don't know anyone that has done strong man/woman. I need a good resource to find out what kind of weight i need to be able to lift, etc. I weigh 128#...not sure if there is a weight class? age? I'm 38. So many questions! Sorry! really intrigued though!


That is awesome you are so excited to compete it truly is fun!

Few simple things.

There are two main federations and both have slightly different weight classes. Strongman Corporation is 140 and under (also has a 120 class but rarely seen) USS has a I believe 132lb classs and 148 (follows powerlifting weight classes)

There is also Novice classes which should have lower weights with a lower barrier of entry.

There is also Masters divisions (40+)

you can find contests at http://StartingStrongman.com/events

As far as how strong you need to be this varies greatly as contests will be different levels its best to look at upcoming contests to get a grasp of the weights you will see.

A rough guideline for a LW class local level show

Overhead 80-130lbs
Deadlift 185-275
Farmers Walk 110-160lbs
Yoke 250-350lbs
Stone over bar 110-160lbs

You see that is a wide range but off the top of my head those are realistic weights in the LWW class.

Good luck! be sure to check out the resources on the rest of our website :)

You see that is a pretty wide range but off the top of my head thats a
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